Have you tried our new continuing education search tool?

When you search the internet for the latest nursing continuing education opportunities, it can be an adventure in failure.

Irrelevant results, unreputable websites and incorrect search terms often lead to hours of frustration and roadblocks to the healthcare information you need.

Our new smart search tool solves those issues for you by providing quick, enriched results that reveal relevant continuing education course listings and hot topics that will help you move your education forward. No matter which device you search from — desktop, tablet or mobile — responsive results will be readily available.

The result? Millions of monthly visitors like you who find what they’re searching for on our site.

How to use our new search tool

Search box automatically shows popular search terms and recent searches

The smart search function is an advanced self-learning tool that improves with each visitor’s search. For every search entered, the technology builds on its library of applicable terms and optimizes results for maximum benefit to users.

Our tool helps us know which search terms matter the most to you. Among your top search terms are:

  1. Human trafficking
  2. Infection control
  3. Florida CE requirements
  4. Infection control New York
  5. Access, quality and advocacy in healthcare
  6. Human trafficking CE (required by Florida)
  7. Medical errors
  8. Substance abuse
  9. Pharmacology for nurses
  10. Medical errors (Florida requirement)

“Ever try to quickly find information on a website only to be frustrated by the results of the search? I am thrilled with Nurse.com’s new smart function because it eliminates that problem,” said Dorothy Angelini, MSN, RN, executive director for CE Accreditations and Approvals at Nurse.com by OnCourse Learning. “The new search function allows nurses to search for topic-specific information and provides an entire inventory of relevant information. Now if you need information on treatment of hypertension, put those terms in the search function and a wealth of information will appear instantly. And since this function also works on tablets and phones, you can search for current information at the bedside.”

Automatic completion helps you search faster

Completing a search query is a snap on Nurse.com. With each character you type into the search box, results immediately pop up with intuitive suggestions.

This function begins with the very first character you enter into the search tool. With each additional character you type, the intuitive search function provides you with related topics and categories.

And when you seek timely results, our new Nurse.com smart search tool gives you the results you need.

To try out the technology for yourself, visit Nurse.com and click “Search” at the top of the home page.

Try out our new continuing education search tool today to find the courses you need!

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