From footwear to workout apps, find more deals for nurses during covid-19 pandemic

More deals for nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic are emerging.

Busy nurses who could use a new pair of shoes, a ride to work, free food delivery or access to a yoga app can find many of these offers online. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of companies have launched special deals for nurses, healthcare workers and other first responders.

Check out this list compiled just for you.

Early shopping hours

Sam’s Club announced on its website it is offering “Hero Hours,” an opportunity for nurses, healthcare workers and other first responders to shop before the stores officially open. The hours are from 8-10 a.m. every Sunday.

These hours will continue, the company said, until further notice “to thank all our heroes … for all you’re doing and the way you’re helping our communities.”

At Costco stores, members who are frontline workers will be allowed “priority access” during all open hours of any store and can move to the front of a line to enter a store by showing a membership card and official identification of their role at work.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, located on the East Coast, has added an “Appreciation Hour” for nurses and healthcare workers from 8-9 a.m. on Sundays.

The grocery store chains Meijer, Publix, Giant Eagle and Save Mart also have added special shopping hours on selected days.

RV rentals

For nurses and healthcare professionals who want to distance themselves from family at home, Outdoorsy has a special website for savings on recreational vehicle rentals to be parked at or near your home.

Outdoorsy has more than 40,000 registered RV owners on its site that rent to travelers across the country, a number of whom have opted into a program to discount rentals by an average of 50%. Some owners are even making their RVs free to nurses and healthcare workers.

In addition, Outdoorsy is waiving fees it normally charges for those who rent from the site for’s audience. To request an RV, create an account on the Outdoorsy site then visit their special online form. You have to be signed in to a Google account to access this link.

Stays away from home

If you are a nurse who has chosen to stay away from family during this time, AirBnB (is offering to waive all its fees for the first 100,000 healthcare professionals who book a “frontline stay.” Free and discounted stays from the site’s users also are available.

Curbside pickup

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